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About us  

The BKTC Law Firm was founded in 2010 as a result of combining the vision, passion and experience of the following advocates: Anna Bureć-Kwiecień, Anna Kuś-Czech, Piotr Tuzinek and Jarosław Czech.

The strong point of the Law Firm is the consolidation of various specialisations of particular lawyers that enables the provision of legal services in a comprehensive manner and at the highest level.

Our relations with a Client can be characterised by reliability, professionalism and innovativeness. Seeking the optimal solutions and taking into consideration the specific nature of a business environment, we offer an individual approach to legal problems that our Clients face in their professional and private lives. Therefore, we use the expert knowledge of, inter alia, tax advisers, chartered accountants, patent attorneys, notaries and consultants on European Union funds.

We provide legal assistance in the Polish and English language.

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